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Bid Adieu to Paper Jam Issue in Brother Printer

There are so many things a printer user has to face. Although Brother have tried their best to make a printer that is free from manufacturing defects and other user problems but still there are things that keep bothering its user. You can face serious functionality errors caused due to driver, software and other user errors. But the most common and irritating error among the all is “Paper Jam”. Here are some basic steps that you need to follow when you face paper jam issue. Turn off the Printer- As we are going to work inside the printer we don’t want to get disturbed by electricity or moving parts. When you switch off the printer wait for it to cool down before moving to next step. Open door that leads to Paper Path- If you couldn’t make out which door or part is causing paper jam then it’s better to all the doors. Start from input tray and then following the paper path to output tray. Pull out the paper- Check the paper sheet as well as paper scraps that is stuck in the path. You need…

Resolve Startup Problems in MS Excel

It is important to keep the track of all important updates and installation of the Office software or operating system when you get any problem with it as most of the problems are solved with updates. The similar is the case with MS Excel, there can be any number of reasons for which you might get issues at startup of the software. We are listing the reasons why you might get problem in starting Excel: Corrupted shortcut of the program.Problematic file in Excel startup.Corrupted Add-ins.Incorrect or pirated version of the Office.Wrong or corrupted registry key.Corrupted excel toll bar file (.xlb) or Excel .pip file.
Before we move to the repair section, I suggest you to try installing updates and restarting your device and see if the problem resolves or not. If the problem persists then continue with the below methods:
Method 1:How to Fix the Shortcut of Excel? Click Start button, and point to Search.Then click For Files and Folders.In the Search for files or folders named box type Exce…

Troubleshoot Avast Components that No longer Work Properly

It happens that one or more component of Avast antivirus sometimes display the status as STOPPED and cannot start manually using its user interface. It happens because of limited or inconsistent permission to write on disk, folders or Windows registry as it prevent Avast Setup from any activity like installing, updating, deleting etc. And if in case any of such files and entries are corrupt then you might lose some of its components or it may hamper Avast performance.

But nothing to worry as you can resolve this issue with some easy steps. Here in this blog we will discuss steps for Windows XP users, if you use any other Windows then please contact antivirus experts at Avast Helpline Number UK. For XP users, before we start you should make sure that you have logged in to Windows as user not with administrator permission, and then you can follow these easy steps to resolve the issue: First you need to uninstall Avast Antivirus from your device using Avast Uninstall Utility.If any folde…

Print From Different Devices Using Kodak ESP 3.2 or 3.2s All-In One Printer

For all those who are using Kodak ESP 3.2 or 3.2s All-In One Printer they can not only take print out from computer or laptop but even they can take print out from other devices too. Although, this facility is available in most of the printers these day but still very rare people know on how they can take print out from other devices using wireless connection. First you need to download Kodak Pic Flick App in your device. Here in this blog you are going to learn the process of taking print out with various devices:
Printing Pictures from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod (2nd generation): Make sure you have the picture in your device.Then check if your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer.Open Kodak Pic Flick Application in your device.Select the picture you want to print.Now Choose Device.Select Kodak All-In one printer from the list, and then select Send. Printing Picture from Blackberry Take picture from blackberry or import the picture you want to print.Make sure your…

Enjoy Incredible Features of Adobe Photoshop

We always take pictures and create memories and Adobe Photoshop help us to enhance those photos and make them look like a dream. It comes with amazing features that makes an average photo appear like professional. You can organize, edit, create and share photos using this software. Let us see what all you can do using this software:      Package Tool: Adobe has made your work easy with this as now you can create folder of the images and linked smart objects so that you can share them in one go. Cropping: Crop tool is used to add canvas to your image; even you can trim extra pixel and transparency from around the image. Blur: You have two blur options in Photoshop, path and spin. This allows you to create sense of motion or speed. Windmill is the perfect example for spin blur and path blur is perfect to show string wind in a field.Art boards: with new improved art boards you can duplicate a layer or layer group into another art boards. You can quickly change art board background and view…