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Bring Your HP Printer “Offline” Status to “Online”

One of the most common reason due to which one is not able to print using HP Printer is that it frequently goes offline. This happens because of communication problem between the printer and your computer. There are various ways to troubleshoot this problem but before that please do the physical check of the following:

           • Both the printer and computer are powered on.
           • The USB cables are connected with both devices correctly.
           • The Ethernet connection should also be firmly connected if the printer works on network.
           • Try the USB on some other port of your Laptop or computer.
           • If you are having spare USB A-B cables then try to connect with it.

If still you are having Offline trouble then you can try to set your printer Online manually:

   • Click START Button and go to Control Panel.
   • There click on “Devices and Printer” and then right click the printer in question and select “see what’s printing”.
   • A new window will open …

Run Avast Smart Scan & Repair Issues

Avast Smart Scan feature not only detects virus and malware but it also find outs outdated software, browsers add-ins, network threats, poor PC performance and other complications. To run a smart scan you just need to open your Avast User Interface and go to protection, then click Antivirus. There click on Run Smart Scan tile to start the scan. To know more about Smart Scan contacts us at Avast Support Number UK. You can even review your scan results, the green ticks indicate that there is no issue and red ticks indicate that you need to pay attention to the problem. 
You will see the following things in the results:
• Conflicting Antivirus: If you have any other antivirus installed in your device that it will cause conflict making your computer slow and Avast ineffective.
• Virus: Virus is a malicious code that is capable of harming your system.
• Vulnerable Software: Some outdated software makes your PC vulnerable for hackers.
• Bad Browser Add-ins: Unknown browser extensions can harm y…

Reinstallation of Office to Repair Excel

If you are receiving error messages like “error in module 1”, “undefined reference” or “unspecified error” then there are chances that your Office installation has some problem and it need to be either repaired or reinstalled. This section of blog will focus on re-installation of the program to resolve any issue. To reinstall the software you should make sure you have Office CD and license key and then reboot is must to fully release all Office files. Once you done it you can continue with the given steps:
•   Click Start and go to control panel, from there select Office and click Uninstall.
Note: You can’t UN-install Microsoft Office 2013 as, UN-installing will lead to loosing license key. If u are using 2013 version then please contact us first at Microsoft Contact Number UK.
• Once UN-installation gets complete, reboot again. Then run the Temp File Deleter. (You need to run all the options)
• You can re-install Office once the un-installation gets complete. Do not open any Office c…

Process to Stop Kaspersky Pop Ups

Kaspersky Internet Security helps you to protect your computer from any suspicious activity online. It keeps your computer away from virus, malwares, Trojans and other threats. The software has pop up notifications that warns you about potential threats and other wise also you net notification for updates and advertisements. Although, these notifications are important but they sometime become really irritating if they appear in middle of our work. Pop ups sometime even cover up the screen of other application and hence become a hurdle in our work. If you want to turn of these pop ups, then you can by turning on the Personal Firewall feature within the Kaspersky Application. You can stop these pop ups in effective way by following the given steps. If you want you can also avail remote service for this purpose at Kaspersky Help Number UK.

Step 1- Click “Start” button and go to “All Programs” option.
Step 2- Now double click the “Kaspersky Internet Security” option from the list.
Step 3- F…

Schedule System Scan of Norton Antivirus as per Your Desire

Norton antivirus is one of the most preferred antivirus software in the market. It provides you the benefit of real-time scanning. But do you know that real time scanning even can make your PC work really slowly. This is so because scanning use a lot of system RAM. You cannot change this fact but you can definitely avoid slow system by scheduling scan.

By default Norton detects the idle state of your computer and run Quick Scan accordingly. But you can change the time and day of your full system scan if you want. You can even decide how frequently you want to run scan (daily, weekly or monthly). Through Custom scan you can choose the time of scan when you are not using your computer, so slow system performance couldn’t bother you. You can take assistance about this from our technicians at Norton Phone Number UK.
Let us see how you can set schedule scan:
•           Open your Norton Product, and double click Security.
•           Then click Scan, it will open the scan window.
•           Un…