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How to Use Avast Virus Chest?

The virus chest is the safest place where you can store potentially harmful files and malicious contents. It completely isolates the files from rest of the operating system. You cannot access or run the files in the virus chest; even if you double click the file you can just view the file properties and nothing else. Go through the blog for instructions to work with files in the virus chest.
Open Virus Chest
•      Open Avast user interface and go to Protection. •      Then click on the Antivirus and then press Virus Chest. •      You can also open the virus chest by right clicking the Avast icon in the system tray and selecting Virus Chest. • Once you are inside the virus chest, you can view its contents.
Move Files to Virus Chest
Avast antivirus automatically moves the harmful files to the Virus chest if they can’t be repaired. You can customize the action in the individual settings of each scan or shield, to know more about it contact experts on Avast Contact Number UK.
 Too manually move …

Fix Epson printer Offline Status Issue

Imagine you are getting late for the meeting and you want to take printout of some important documents for the presentation but when you try to print, your computer says that your printer is “Offline”. Isn’t it really annoying and frustrating? But now you don’t have to worry about it anymore as we are going to give you two different methods to fix this issue.
Solution 1- Disable Use Printer Offline Feature

•Press Windows+ R key at the same time to invoke Run box.
•Then type Control and press Enter.
•Go to Devices and Printers and then right click your printer to see what’s printing.
•Then click Printer and see that there should be no tick mark on “Use Printer Offline”.
•And there should be a tick on “Set as Default Printer”.
•Finally close the window and check if you are able to print or not.

If this solution doesn’t work for you, then there is no need to feel disheartened. You can try then next solution or contact the experts at Epson Printer Help Number UK.

Solution 2- Update Your …

Microsoft Word Is Not Responding Causing Data Loss

Microsoft Word is one of the important components of Office software. A lot of people cannot image their day in office without Word. Word has made our life easier but what will you do if someday you reach your Office or open your laptop and find that MS Word has stopped responding. You can take help from experts at Microsoft Phone Number UK, to get this issue resolved but first try the different given measures to fix this problem and recover unsaved documents. Solution 1- Disable Add-ins
May be your Word is not responding because of incompatibility issue with third party add-ins. You can try to disable the add-ins to check if this is the issue or not.
•           Go to File menu and then click on Word option and after that click Add-in tab.
•           Then click “go” button near the drop down box named “Manage: Com-in Add”.
•           Next click the check box to disable any add-ins listed there and finally click Ok.
Solution 2- Try MS Office Application Recovery
Try to fix MS Word not resp…

Getting Blue Screen Error (BSOD) While Installing Norton Antivirus

At times Norton installation cause Windows crashing and give you Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). This problem is really common among Norton users and it becomes really difficult for users to rectify this error. You can use the given methods to avoid blue screen error when installing this antivirus or take assistance from experts to resolve the issue without any hiccup by dialing Norton Contact Number UK.

Download and Run Norton Power Eraser
•           Download Norton Power Eraser and click Save.
•           Then select the location on Desktop and then click Save.
•           Now double click the NPE.exe to run the file.
•           Read the License agreement and click Accept.
•           Then in the Norton Power Eraser window, click the scan for risk icon.
•           You need to restart your computer, and after the restart simply follow the on screen instruction.
Start your Computer in Safe Mode with Networking
•           Exit all programs and then type “msconfig” in the Run dialog box and cli…

Different Ways to Troubleshoot Scan & Copy Functions of Dell Printer

We feel fascinated to buy multi functional printer as we don’t have to keep separate machines for separate task. One single machine can print, copy, scan and fax. Dell also has series of multi functional printers, but these printers not always work as per your expectations, especially its scan and copy feature. You have to troubleshoot the problem at initial stage before it could become a big problem and for that you might need support that you can easily access at Dell Printer Support Number UK.

Some common Scan & Copy Issues with Their Solution

Copier &Scanner Doesn’t Respond

     • To fix this issue set your printer as default printer in your computer’s printer settings.
     • Or remove or reinstall the printer software as any issue with printer setting will be resolved automatically.

Bad Copy and Scan Image Quality

    • A dirty scanner glass could be a reason behind it. So, clean the glass now.
    • Adjust the scan quality from printer software settings.
    • Your orig…