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How do I Rectify HP Printer Cartridge Error Code?

HP Printer Offline Issue in Windows PC

You are trying to print from your HP Printer, but nothing is printing. Every attempt of yours is going in vain, and you have no idea why is it happening so. The most common reason of this problem is that your printer is “Offline”. Most of the time, this happens because of loose connection of cable, incorrect setting or incompatible driver. You can bring back your printer to online by following the given procedure. But to follow this method you should have basic knowledge about printers otherwise you can connect with printer technicians on HP Printer Customer Care Number UK.

Download and Run HP Print and Scan Doctor:

• Download HP Print and Scan Doctor tool and run the downloaded file.
• When HP Print and Scan Doctor opens, click the start button and select your printer.
• Now click Fix Printing.

In case, your printer still shows “Offline” error then try resetting the print environment as that can help you restore a connection to the printer.

• Turn off your printer and wait for around 10 …

Epson Printer Error Codes with Their Meaning

Undoubtedly, printers have made the life of people more convenient. However, when a user start using this machine, he do not always have a pleasant experience as every now and then they come across some or the other error. Error codes and messages are an indication that there is some problem with the machine because of which the user might not able to get printouts. But at the same time they help the user identify the actual cause of the issue. In this section, we are going to focus on Epson Printers. Here you are going to learn about some basic Epson Printer error codes and their solutions.

1. E-01: It signifies that there must be some problem with the ink cartridge, either it got clogged or may be the printer connector got dirty. The first thing you need to do is clean the cartridge connector. If this doesn’t work then look for jammed paper.

2. W-02: It is a clear indication of paper jam. There are various causes of paper jam and you should take help from professionals at Epson Print…

Why My Canon Printer is Not Recognizing the Cartridges?

Varied issues are associated with Canon Printers and one of those issues is cartridge problem. Time and again when we insert a new cartridge or refill the old one, we encounter unrecognized ink cartridge issue. When this happens you will see the following indications.

• You see an error message like “Printer cartridge not detected”.
• Your printer says “toner is not compatible”.
• Low or empty cartridge message is displayed on screen.
• You encounter “no cartridge installed” message.
• Warning lights start flashing.

The problem takes place because of the following reasons:

• Dirt and damaged metal contacts can prevent cartridge communications.
• You might forget to remove the protective cover or plastic strip from the new cartridge.
• Sometimes printer doesn’t recognize the new cartridge.
• You need to update PC software and internal printer firmware to fix the issue.
• There are chances that you haven’t inserted the ink cartridge properly.

You can try to fix this problem by following the given …

How to Clean Epson Printer Roller for Rich Printing?

Printer roller is a circular rubber piece that feed the paper into the printer. As it is disposed to the environment it can accumulate dust which might even destroy your print out. To clean the printer roller you will need water and a lint free cloth.                

You need to clean the roller in following situations.
• If you are encountering unwanted marks and smudges on the paper.
• In case, you use Epson special media which is not supported by machine.
• You haven’t cleaned the roller from long time.
• You are printing on the wrong side of the paper.
• When you are using paper which are not delivered by Epson. 

Follow the given instructions to clean Inkjet Printer rollers:

• Look for your printer roller which is mostly located on the underneath side.
• Make sure you are able to rotate them.
• Damp the cloth and then wipe the roller to remove any dirt or grime.
• After that wait for some time to let the roller get dry.
• You can also use rubber rejuvenating product to bring the roller t…