Two Different Procedures to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5B00

Canon Printer error code 5B00 is the result of ink spill on any of the ink cartridge. Ink spill problem can take place for two reasons, one if you are not using your ink cartridge in a proper manner or second if you have continuous ink system installed in your system. Continuous Ink System (CISS) can cause ink spill in the printer which will ultimately fill up the printing pads and display this error code. If you are facing the same problem then you can either Contact us on Canon Printer Support UK to get online assistance to fix the issue or try the given methods if you have good technical knowledge.

Method 1: Restore your Printer to Factory settings
Restoring your printer to factory settings will work on all the issues found on your Canon Printer including this ink pad problem. This procedure is perfect for regular and non-functional printers. After completing these steps your printer name will now have the words “Copy 1” attached to it on the computer.

•  Turn off your printer and then press and hold the stop/reset button.

•  Now simultaneously also press on/off button of your printer. This will turn your printer on and off again.

•  Release stop/reset button and then press it twice in a row. (Keep on/off button pressed at this time)

•  Release all the buttons you are pressing and wait until rest appears on your screen.

•  Now tap on stop/reset button 5 times in a row.

•  Finally, press on/off button twice frequently.

Method 2: Run Your Printer in Service Mode
You can run your printer in service mode make your printer think that ink absorber is empty instead of full. This method works only on multifunctional printers. It is suggested that if you can open your printer and clean this ink deposit then do so. Simply place a napkin on the ink pads and leave it there for some time so that they can absorb the extra ink.

•  Turn on your printer and press it menu button.

•  To run your printer in service mode click Scan, Copy and Scan button in the exact order.

•  Now press the + key to reach the Counter Access option and then press OK.

•  You will see the page counter on which the total numbers of the page you printed is displayed. Click Ok.

•  Now press the Copy button and use – key to reduce the number to Zero (0). Then press OK.

•  Again use + key to reach Scan Page count, there also set the count to zero.

•  Now go to ABS-M DON’T Count option and set it as zero as well, then press OK.

•  Press stop/reset button and then press on/off button to turn your printer off and on again.

•  At the end of the procedure, you will see Invalid Key message on your screen .

If you are unable to follow the procedure mentioned here then don’t hesitate to Call us at Canon Printer Customer Care Number UK, we will help you in all possible way we can. In fact, at times the user is not able to get rid of the error even after following the above methods, then also they can get in touch with us. We will do all that is necessary to clear error code 5B00 from your Canon Printer.


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