How to Prevent Canon Printer Paper Jam or Fix It?

Definitely Canon is a great printer brand and it manufactures printer of great quality and style but common printer problems can still stop its functioning or delay your work. One of the most common issues that I think every printer user must have experienced is of paper jam. It can happen anytime and anywhere in the middle of printing task and with a paper jam you cannot continue with printing. You cannot eradicate the problem for always but yes you can try some measures to avoid this issue.

·        Overfilling the paper tray can cause paper jam issue, so better not fill the paper tray to its capacity.
·        Make sure your printer slider is adjusted properly as per paper type and size, otherwise you will experience frequent paper jam for sure.
·        Never mix different size of paper.
·        Always keep paper correctly seated in the slot or the tray to avoid any jam or paper stuck issue.
·        Prefer to use standard office paper as other papers can cause problems because they have different dimensions. If you are unaware which type of paper your printer is compatible with then contact 24*7 canon printer customer helpline number London for consultation.
·        There should be no foreign objects or debris in the printer.

The above measures work before you had a paper jam, but what to do if you are already experiencing the issue. If that is the case, then do not worry, follow the given steps to clear the jammed paper by yourself.

·        Before taking any step, turn of your printer.
·        Then open all the doors leading to the paper path, starting from input tray and then later on output tray. You need to open all the door and panel that comes in the way of paper path.
·        Pull out the paper sheets and scraps gently and slowly. Under normal condition, always pull the paper from the direction it goes in. Make sure you clear all the paper as even the smallest piece of paper left can cause major problem later on.
·        Once you are done with clearing paper jam, close all the doors that you opened.

If Canon printer continues to complain about the jam then try turning it off and then on again, if this doesn’t help you then call for the service.


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