How to Install HP, Canon And Epson Printer Driver Without CD?

If you want to connect your printer with your computer then you need to install a printer driver which is compatible with your operating system. Generally, a software CD comes along with your printer through which you can easily install a printer driver. But what if you have lost a CD or your printer driver became outdated. In this case, you can download and install the driver online. This online method is considered better as in this case you get the latest driver that too compatible with your device.

Here in this section, we are going to discuss the three main printers HP, Canon and Epson. Follow the instruction given here as per your printer brand to install your printer driver.

HP Printer:

•    Open HP Printer Support website to download the driver as per your printer model.

•    You need to enter the model number and your operating system to download the correct driver.

•    Now connect your printer to the computer as per the package instruction. You can also consult printer experts on HP Printer Support Number if you face any issue in it.

•    Then go to your computer’s Control Panel and then select “Printers” which is under “Hardware”.

•    Now click on “Add a Printer” and use the recommendation port for installing the printer.

•    Then select your printer brand i.e. HP and your printer model.

•    Click next and let the wizard complete the installation.

•    Once you are done, print the Test Page to ensure that your printer is working well.

Canon Printer: 

•    Open on your Internet browser and then click on its “Support” section.

•    Then select your current language.

•    Choose “Consumer and Home Office”.

•    After this, from the “Product Family” dialog box, select “Printers and Multifunction”.

•    Now select your product series from the “Product Series” scrollbar.

•    Then go to the Driver and Software dialog box and select “Driver & Software” of your printer model.

•    Also, select your operating system and then click Download.

•    Once the download process gets finished, double-click the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Now you can use your printer without any problem. In case, you get an error in between the installation process then feel free to take help from printer executives by giving a Call at Canon Printer Support In UK . 

Epson Printer :-

•  Open Epson Homepage and click on Support from the top of the page.

•   Now find your printer model and enter your product series, then click Search.

•  You will see the Drivers & Manuals section. The webpage will recognize your operating system. You can even choose your operating system manually. If you don’t know which operating system you are using then contact experts at Epson Printer Helpline .

• The webpage will split into two sections: Drivers & Software and Manuals and Documentation.

Note: Driver and software section includes: Product setup, Drivers, Creativity Software, Network Utilities, Firmware and Other software. In Manuals & Documentation, you can access product guide

•    Select the software which you want to install (Drivers) and click download at the bottom of the file you want to download.

•   The software will start downloading and if asked click Run to start the installation.

•  Once the downloaded file is extracted then follow the onscreen wizard to complete the process.

•   After this, you will be able to use your printer smoothly.
Remember that if you have any issue at any point in time while performing printer driver installation, then you can definitely get in touch with professionals to get resolution. Correct guidance will help you in proper installation so that you can use your printer hassle free. 


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