Enjoy Incredible Features of Adobe Photoshop

We always take pictures and create memories and Adobe Photoshop help us to enhance those photos and make them look like a dream. It comes with amazing features that makes an average photo appear like professional. You can organize, edit, create and share photos using this software. Let us see what all you can do using this software:
  •      Package Tool: Adobe has made your work easy with this as now you can create folder of the images and linked smart objects so that you can share them in one go.
  •      Cropping: Crop tool is used to add canvas to your image; even you can trim extra pixel and transparency from around the image.
  •      Blur: You have two blur options in Photoshop, path and spin. This allows you to create sense of motion or speed. Windmill is the perfect example for spin blur and path blur is perfect to show string wind in a field.
  •     Art boards: with new improved art boards you can duplicate a layer or layer group into another art boards. You can quickly change art board background and view art boards with transparent backgrounds.
  •     Focus area: now you can focus while shooting something and then crop out just the part of the image. You might need to do bit of fine tuning to get the right crop.
  •     Creative Cloud: this lets you archive and restore all your assets stored in creative cloud including the one in your creative cloud library, assets created with your desktop products and mobile projects.
  •     Fonts: if you have creative cloud subscription then you can use thousands of different fonts from Type Kit app. You can even preview apps, all you need to do is select the layer with the text and hover the mouse on the font to see how the change looks.
  •     Inbuilt templates: Inbuilt templates help you get right into your design. 
Adobe Photoshop is advancing day by day, it is adding more features in its app. Not only this, it is improving the previous features regularly. If you want to know more about Adobe Photoshop features then please dial Adobe Support Number UK.


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