Troubleshoot Avast Components that No longer Work Properly

It happens that one or more component of Avast antivirus sometimes display the status as STOPPED and cannot start manually using its user interface. It happens because of limited or inconsistent permission to write on disk, folders or Windows registry as it prevent Avast Setup from any activity like installing, updating, deleting etc. And if in case any of such files and entries are corrupt then you might lose some of its components or it may hamper Avast performance.

But nothing to worry as you can resolve this issue with some easy steps. Here in this blog we will discuss steps for Windows XP users, if you use any other Windows then please contact antivirus experts at Avast Helpline Number UK. For XP users, before we start you should make sure that you have logged in to Windows as user not with administrator permission, and then you can follow these easy steps to resolve the issue:
  •        First you need to uninstall Avast Antivirus from your device using Avast Uninstall Utility.
  •     If any folder left with this program then manually delete them.
  •      Now you have to uninstall Avast Firewall driver too, that you can find in Properties of your Network Connection.
  •     Reboot your system and start Windows in safe mode.
  •     Now search if there is any file in default folder with name INFCACHE.1. If this file exists then rename it to INFCACHE.1.BAK.
  •     You also have to clear all offline content and cookies from the browser.
  •     After that temporarily turn off any firewall software including Windows Firewall.
  •     Now download and install the latest version of this antivirus, insert your license key to activate the program.
  •      If you are not using Avast Premier or Avast Internet security then you have to turn on the firewall.
Despite all this, if you are still not able to troubleshoot Avast Antivirus corrupt components then please get in touch with us at Avast Customer Care Number UK for resolution. Our technicians will guide you with detailed steps to resolve this issue or any other.


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