Bring Your HP Printer “Offline” Status to “Online”

One of the most common reason due to which one is not able to print using HP Printer is that it frequently goes offline. This happens because of communication problem between the printer and your computer. There are various ways to troubleshoot this problem but before that please do the physical check of the following:

           • Both the printer and computer are powered on.
           • The USB cables are connected with both devices correctly.
           • The Ethernet connection should also be firmly connected if the printer works on network.
           • Try the USB on some other port of your Laptop or computer.
           • If you are having spare USB A-B cables then try to connect with it.

If still you are having Offline trouble then you can try to set your printer Online manually:

   • Click START Button and go to Control Panel.
   • There click on “Devices and Printer” and then right click the printer in question and select “see what’s printing”.
   • A new window will open up, select printer in it and then click “Use printer online” from the drop down menu.

Note: When you click “see what’s printing”, right click it and “Cancel” all the pending print jobs. When all the print jobs are removed select “Use printer Online” and if any pending job still appears on list then restart both your printer and computer. You can take help from a printer expert for this on HP Printer Contact Number UK.

The second way to resolve this issue will be by removing and reinstalling your printer again.

  • Go to Devices and Printer and right click your printer from the list.
  • Then select “Remove device”.
  • Now again add the printer by clicking on “Add a printer”option from “Devices and Printers”.

If you are still getting offline error then remove Drivers and Packages using the following method:

   • Login to your Windows as an Admin.
   • Click start button and then All Programs.
   • Now go to Accessories and then click on Command Prompt.
   • Type “printui /s /t2” to open print server properties window.
   • Then remove the Driver and Package for the printer in question.
   • After that again add your printer by selecting “Add a printer” from Devices and Printers.

Hopefully now your problem is resolved and you can access your printer Online. However if you are still having issue with it then the last option you are left is consult a technician, and for that please dial HP Printer Phone Number UK.


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