Reinstallation of Office to Repair Excel

If you are receiving error messages like “error in module 1”, “undefined reference” or “unspecified error” then there are chances that your Office installation has some problem and it need to be either repaired or reinstalled. This section of blog will focus on re-installation of the program to resolve any issue. To reinstall the software you should make sure you have Office CD and license key and then reboot is must to fully release all Office files. Once you done it you can continue with the given steps:

•   Click Start and go to control panel, from there select Office and click Uninstall.

Note: You can’t UN-install Microsoft Office 2013 as, UN-installing will lead to loosing license key. If u are using 2013 version then please contact us first at Microsoft Contact Number UK.

• Once UN-installation gets complete, reboot again. Then run the Temp File Deleter. (You need to run all the options)

• You can re-install Office once the un-installation gets complete. Do not open any Office component when done.

• Once you are done, reboot again and run Temp File Deleter once gain.

• Then you need to install the Latest Service Pack. (It also gets removed when you uninstall the program.

• After this again you have to Reboot and Run the Temp File Deleter for the third time.

• After this step you can open Excel, and Repair it without wasting any time. (Repair for every Excel Version is different; you can take help for this from an expert).

• Close Excel after repair and then Re-install Add-ins. (Open Excel to verify if the Add-ins work)

• If the add-ins doesn’t work then reboot and run Temp file delete again. Also run Windows updater as that can also fix the issue automatically.

• Check if the Add-ins work.

Hopefully this process will resolve all your trouble related to Excel but if in case add-ins still doesn’t work then you might need to contact an expert at Microsoft Helpline Number UK. A professional can handle the situation better.


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