Schedule System Scan of Norton Antivirus as per Your Desire

Norton antivirus is one of the most preferred antivirus software in the market. It provides you the benefit of real-time scanning. But do you know that real time scanning even can make your PC work really slowly. This is so because scanning use a lot of system RAM. You cannot change this fact but you can definitely avoid slow system by scheduling scan.

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By default Norton detects the idle state of your computer and run Quick Scan accordingly. But you can change the time and day of your full system scan if you want. You can even decide how frequently you want to run scan (daily, weekly or monthly). Through Custom scan you can choose the time of scan when you are not using your computer, so slow system performance couldn’t bother you. You can take assistance about this from our technicians at Norton Phone Number UK.

Let us see how you can set schedule scan:

•           Open your Norton Product, and double click Security.

•           Then click Scan, it will open the scan window.

•           Under Scan and Task, click Custom Scan and then hit go.

•           Then in the Edit Scan column, click Edit icon that is next to the custom scan.

•           Now in the Edit Scan window, on the Scan Schedule tab, do one the following:

Ø  In case you don’t want to run the scan on any particular time but want to keep the scan options and scan item saved then select Do Not Schedule This Scan.

Ø  If you want to run scan on specific time interval, select run at a Specific Time Interval.

Ø  If you want to run scan on specific time of day, click Daily.

Ø  If you want to run scan on specific day of the week, click weekly.

Ø  If you want to run scan on specific day of month, click monthly.

•           These options have additional options under them to refine schedule.

•           Under Run The scan choose the preferred option: (Only at idle time, only on AC power or prevent standby)

•           Under After Scan Completion, select the state in which you want your computer to remain after scan: (Stay On, Turn Off, Sleep or Hibernate)

•           Click Next.

•           In the scan option tab click Save.

In case you get difficulty in scheduling your scan or if you are still facing poor PC performance then contact our technicians at Norton Support Number UK. We will help you in resolving issue.


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