How to Use Avast Virus Chest?

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The virus chest is the safest place where you can store potentially harmful files and malicious contents. It completely isolates the files from rest of the operating system. You cannot access or run the files in the virus chest; even if you double click the file you can just view the file properties and nothing else. Go through the blog for instructions to work with files in the virus chest.

Open Virus Chest

•      Open Avast user interface and go to Protection.
•      Then click on the Antivirus and then press Virus Chest.
•      You can also open the virus chest by right clicking the Avast icon in the system tray and selecting Virus Chest.
• Once you are inside the virus chest, you can view its contents.

Move Files to Virus Chest

Avast antivirus automatically moves the harmful files to the Virus chest if they can’t be repaired. You can customize the action in the individual settings of each scan or shield, to know more about it contact experts on Avast Contact Number UK.

 Too manually move files to virus chest follow the given steps:

•           Right click anywhere on the virus chest table and click Add.
•           Locate the file you want to add and then click Open.
•           You can see the file on virus chest table.

Scan Files in the Virus Chest

•           Right click the file/files and then select Scan from the context menu.
•           Once the scan gets complete, click ok to close the result dialog box.

Restore file from Virus Chest

To return the file to its original position, simply right click that particular file from the table and select Restore from the context menu.

Restore and Add file to Exclusion

If you want any file from being scanned by Avast, so that in future Avast do not flag hem again as malicious. In this case also right click the file from the table and click on Restore and add to exclusion from the context menu.

Extract File from the Virus Chest

•           Right click the file that you want to extract and then click Extract.
•           In the Browse for Folder dialog box, select the location and then click OK.
If you want to know about more settings of the Virus Chest then call our executives without hesitation on Avast Helpline Number UK.


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