Is Avast Antivirus blemishing Your Browsing Experience?

No doubt Avast antivirus is a magical attempt towards the full and effective security of your system. On the other hand, due to over vigilance, it causes many issues for a user’s browsing experience. Issues like this look inconvenient and disturb you while working. Get them fixed with the perfect guidance you got by talking to the technical experts at Avast Contact Number UK.

Avast Help Number UK

In this blog, we are going to discuss what causes Avast to blemish our browsing experience and what can we do about it. We need to disable the website blocking feature of the antivirus product. But before that you need to know it will stop user’s access to some websites. But it work both ways, like when the antivirus discover fraudulent websites then it will stop its access to your system. Besides this, it also stops the access to legitimate sites. Therefore we need some resolution to fix this issue. 

Follow the steps given below and get your issue resolved.

Click to launch your Avast Antivirus software available on your system.

Now Access Additional protection to restrict access to the fraudulent sites that is available at the left of Avast Interface

Then Go to Site blocking, there you will see a list of websites that Avast has been blocking till that time period.

You can opt for Singular blocking and can unblock your desired websites by clicking to them and then deleting them

Uncheck the box that says Enable site blocking that would turn the functionality off.

Here following the above steps, you will get access to your desired websites; that cause your system might be more vulnerable as well. Thereafter check the legitimacy of the website you want to access and unblock or block them according to your need. If that doesn’t prove right, then contact the technical support team available at Avast Helpline Number UK 0808-238-7544 for best resolutions. The service is available 24/7. Additionally, you must check that the sites you are deliberately accessing sound good for your system.


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