Process to Refill Canon Printer Ink Cartridge

Replacing the ink cartridge every time can be little expensive in Canon Printers, that is the reason people choose to refill the cartridge. Most Canon Cartridge can be refilled and even they save your pocket. You just need to have a refilling kit for this purpose and then follow the instructions given in this lesson. Apart from this you can also take help from printer experts on Canon Printer Support UK.
Step 1- Check your ink cartridge          
  • Most inkjet cartridge have count down and when it reaches 0 you get an error while printing.
  • Remove the ink cartridge by following the instruction given by the manual.
  • If the cartridge still have ink then reinstall it and when you see the error, simply click Ok.
  • If the ink cartridge is empty then continue with the next step to refill it.

Step 2- Preparation for Refilling Cartridge
  • For refilling the cartridge you will need a 30 cc syringe with a needle, a thumb drill and printer ink.
  • Place the ink container on a paper or cloth as it might leak.
  • Select the color of your ink.
  • Now place the needle in the color bottle.

Step 3- Replace the Ink
  • There is a hole in the sponge are of the cartridge from where the ink comes.
  • Squeeze the drops of the correct color of ink on this hole to fill the sponge with ink.
  • Tape the exit hole to prevent ink leakage while you refill Canon Cartridge.
  • You need to drill a hole in the ink cartridge with the thumb drill beneath the label. Beneath the label there is a dimple, in the center of the dimple you have to drill the hole.
  • Set the needle in the hole and carefully push the ink inside.
  • Remove the needle and put the top back so that ink doesn’t spill.
  • Seal the hole with a glue, hot wax or electric tape.
  • Then remove the tape you put on the sponge area.

Step 4- Reinstall the cartridge 
  • Install the cartridge and set maintenance on the printer.
  • Run the printer through its cleaning cycle.
  • Let the refilled cartridge set inside the printer for at least 8 hours before printing.

We hope that we have made the task easier for you. But despite our efforts if you are unable to refill the cartridge then you can take help from our technicians through phone call or remote assistance on Canon Printer Technical Help Number UK 0808-238-7544 toll free number.


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