Replace or Change Epson Printer Waste Ink Tank

Epson always try to make its printer high on quality and with advanced features. Epson Printer has a build in waste ink counter facility, which collects the ink that is wasted during printing. But everything has a limit and so does ink pad. When the waste ink pad gets full or overflows you will receive an error saying “Printer Are the End of Its Service Life”. When this error appears you will see two red lights continuously blinking. Every time an automatic head cleaning process runs, it stores the waste ink in the ink tank, and with time the tank become full.

This is a serious error that you should never neglect as when this error will appear your printer will stop working. When you see this error then immediately change the waste ink pad. The effective solution for this problem would be contacting a printer expert, and for that you can dial a good technician at Epson Printer Support 0808-238-7544. But if in case you don’t want to go for support service then I have an alternate solution for you. Please follow the given steps to replace your ink tank.
  • Replace the old Waste Ink Tank: You have to replace the waste ink chamber of your printer as whenever the printer starts and cleaning process run, the ink will over flow from it. But this is the method for those who have technical knowledge and can change the ink tank, otherwise move to next step.
  • Replace Ink Tank From Empty Plastic Bottle: Open your printer from back side and remove PVC pipe which is connected to the waste ink pad. You can place the pipe in an empty plastic bottle. This will let the waste ink collect in the bottle every time you start your printer.
  • Reset the Waste Ink Counter (WIC): Once you are done with the above step you need to you need to reset the waste ink counter. After the reset, restart your printer.



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