What Are the basic Firewall Settings of AVG?

Antivirus firewalls are designed to monitor network traffic. It keeps a watch on the communication between your computer and unauthorized network connection. If you want to keep your system protected make you your AVG firewall setting is customized properly. To manage its settings open AVG program and click on its menu and then select settings, after that select Component and then click on Firewall and select Customize to make changes. You should consult a technician at AVG Support Number UK before making any changes in your Firewall settings.

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Firewall Profile for Each Network that you should connect:

Public: The network which is publically shared.

Private: The network that you trust.

Specify Firewall Default Rules

These rules decide how the Firewall should behave when you run any program for the first time.

Auto Decide: The software itself decides how it behaves as per its own settings.

Allow: it allows all the programs without any pre-defined rules to access the network.

Block: Block all the programs that are not mentioned in Application predefined rules.

Ask: This one is little frustrating as you will receive a notification every time for permission, whenever Firewall comes across any program without predefined application rules.

Manage Firewall Policy Preference

·         Show notification about any newly created “Allow” rules. If you select this rule, you will receive frequent and potentially annoying issues.

·         Show notification about any newly created “Block” rules. This option is ticked by default.

·         Internet connection sharing mode. Allow all the trusted users to connect to internet through PC or troubleshoot problems with other device like printer that are connected to network through your PC.

·         Allow all the connections with Friends when in private mode.

Now the question arises what are Friends settings.

One can use Friends settings screen to list all the networks that you trust except for your current network. The listed networks are exempted from Firewall restrictions. This setting is only allowed in Private networks. To add a friends network, first click Add and then type the IP address into the From (IP address) and (IP Address) field, and to delete a Friends network, simply click Delete in the application row. There are other things as well that you can customize in Firewall, but everything can’t be summarized in this small section. You can learn about other advanced settings from masters at AVG Contact number UK.

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