Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips If You Can’t Start Windows

When you can’t start your Windows program or experience blue screen error that could be any hardware of software issue. It will be difficult to analyze what exactly caused the issue but there are some tools and measures you can try to fix the problem. You can try them one by one to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Undo any recent change

If you have made any changes in your system then maybe they are causing the issue. You can use System Restore option to undo any changes made by you. Don’t worry system restore won’t touch your files, documents, emails or images. It just undo changes made in the system. For this go to the START button and then in the search field type System Restore and from the search result click on System Restore.

Solution 2: Action Center can help you find solution

Windows always create a report if there is a problem with any hardware or software and Action center looks for the solution available for the particular problem. Click on Start button and then go to Control panel, you will find “Review your computer’s status” under System and Security, click it. Then go to Maintenance tab, and under “check for solutions to problem reports”, click “check for solution”.

Solution 3: Check for Windows update

Outdated software can cause various problems. So it becomes necessary for you to keep you Windows software updated. Windows update will help you have latest system updates and drivers. It is easy to update the software but in case you get any issue while updating then contact Windows executives on our 24/7 Microsoft customer support phone number.

Solution 4: Incorrect Driver Installation
Have you recently installed any hardware device in your computer like sound card or a video card? Then there is a possibility that you have installed the device drive incorrectly which is causing the issue. The best way to find an appropriate driver is from its manufacturer site.

Solution 5: Start Windows in Safe Mode
When you start windows in safe mode, you can fix many different problems associated with it. Let’s say you are getting issue in your Microsoft Windows because of certain application or software but you can’t uninstall the program in normal mode then that is possible in safe mode.

If none of the above solution works for you then you will need a service agent by your side to find out the exact cause and its appropriate solution for you.


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