Epson Printer Error Codes with Their Meaning

Undoubtedly, printers have made the life of people more convenient. However, when a user start using this machine, he do not always have a pleasant experience as every now and then they come across some or the other error. Error codes and messages are an indication that there is some problem with the machine because of which the user might not able to get printouts. But at the same time they help the user identify the actual cause of the issue. In this section, we are going to focus on Epson Printers. Here you are going to learn about some basic Epson Printer error codes and their solutions.

1. E-01: It signifies that there must be some problem with the ink cartridge, either it got clogged or may be the printer connector got dirty. The first thing you need to do is clean the cartridge connector. If this doesn’t work then look for jammed paper.

2. W-02: It is a clear indication of paper jam. There are various causes of paper jam and you should take help from professionals at Epson Printer Help Number UK to clear the jam.

3. W-11 or W-13: These codes are associated with ink cartridge. If you are seeing this error then it means either any of ink cartridges is empty or cartridge is incorrectly installed. Press the “Start” button to move the cartridge from its place so that they can be replaced or reinstalled.

4. W-12: This one is also linked with cartridge. You get this error when the machine doesn’t recognize the cartridge. To remove the error you need to replace the cartridge.

5. W-30 or W-31: An incorrectly installed or unsupported memory card will display this error code. Another possibility of this error is that the memory card contains incompatible media files. You can try to remove the card and check for files. If this is not the case then try any other memory card.

6. 0xf1: Mis-configuration of system files can create registry error within the operating system. Registry error basically occurs when new programs is installed over the old one. To fix this issue download and install RegCure Pro tool. Run it and when the scan process gets complete click “Fix all”.

Although if this solution doesn’t work for you then contact an expert at Epson Printer Contact Number UK, you can get in touch with them for other error code solutions as well.


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