How to Clean Epson Printer Roller for Rich Printing?

Printer roller is a circular rubber piece that feed the paper into the printer. As it is disposed to the environment it can accumulate dust which might even destroy your print out. To clean the printer roller you will need water and a lint free cloth.                

You need to clean the roller in following situations.
• If you are encountering unwanted marks and smudges on the paper.
• In case, you use Epson special media which is not supported by machine.
• You haven’t cleaned the roller from long time.
• You are printing on the wrong side of the paper.
• When you are using paper which are not delivered by Epson. 
Follow the given instructions to clean Inkjet Printer rollers:

• Look for your printer roller which is mostly located on the underneath side.
• Make sure you are able to rotate them.
• Damp the cloth and then wipe the roller to remove any dirt or grime.
• After that wait for some time to let the roller get dry.
• You can also use rubber rejuvenating product to bring the roller to its original slickness.
• Moisten the Q-tip or foam swab and rub the surface of the roller.

If you are using a Laser Jet printer, then follow the below steps for cleaning:

• Locate your printer roller which will be found near the paper tray.
• Some laser printer rollers can’t be rotated manually so in that case remove the clips from sides and remove the roller.
• Use cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the roller.
• Let the rollers get dry before you reinstall them.
• You can also use lint-free cloth to wipe the rollers.

You need to make sure that you do not over use the alcohol as that will dry out the rollers and damage them. Whenever you perform any kind of cleaning, don’t forget to unplug the machine from the wall outlet. Always keep your printer maintained and clean to increase its life and proficiency. You can learn about printer maintenance tips from experts on Epson Printer Help Number UK.


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