What Makes My Canon Printer Not Printing Anything?

Canon Printer is a way tantalizing approach for all your printing tasks to give out professional looking documents within seconds. These printers are versatile and incredibly powerful tools for not only business owners, but everyone.  It can’t be denied that Canon manufacturers have introduced a great number of models with multiple features enabling smooth performance.  Notwithstanding with the printer’s absolute speciation’s, sometimes, it become really annoying to deal with it. This is due to the unwanted errors that come in between your path. You can resolve every issue by just consulting the right team of technicians at Canon Printer Support Number for UK.

After all, sometimes, your Canon printer stops printing.  There may be many reasons that give rise to such situations. When you about to start rescuing the cause, you need to determine the bit causing this issue to appear. Then move ahead, to find the solution when your printer is not even printing. You must acquire some basic troubleshooting skills so that you can resolve the issue on your own. When your Canon Printer is not Printing anything, you must keep in mind the below given instructions:

See if the Product is well Plugged: You need to analyze that the cable connection running from the Canon printer to your computer. When the USB data cable is not connected into either the computer or the printer than your print job will go unfulfilled. You must always make sure that your printer is plugged in and the power button is turned on. 

Analyze your Printer’s Ink Cartridges: We have been introduced with a varied range of printers and some kind of printers will notify you when the ink cartridges go empty. When you see a blinking light above the graphic that looks like a drop, then there must be some issue related to ink. This is when you ink cartridge is empty or is placed in a wrong way. You must ensure that you have placed the ink cartridges correctly and make sure you have removed the plastic film on it. 

Ensure That Everything Is OK With The Paper: You are suggested to check the paper tray time to time. And when you run out of the paper, just try to fill it as soon as possible. For a safe side, keep your paper tray filled with too many print sheets, so that they will not be the reason behind this issue to appear. 

Make Sure No Paper Has Been Stuck: Any machine can stop working when something is being in its way and same thing happens with a printer. Sometimes, this issue can be caused when something is being stuck in the printer. You can lift the lid under the scanner and see if there is anything like paperclips, paper bits, food or paper itself. The stuck paper must be taken out, so that it won’t be the reason behind your print jobs being stuck or we can say that your printer is not working. 

Error Messages on the Screen can be the reason: Error messages are generally the code that may trouble you most of the time. When your screen shows up with some error message or code, you are recommended to goggle it and find out the main reason about that. You need to resolve them at first before moving ahead. 

When the device comes out with Blank Printouts: When your printer appears all right but gives out printout that are blank and not right. You might also encounter smudged images or the wrong color of the printouts. What you need to do is to try and clean the heads of the printer. You can also go for the “Maintenance” section in the manual for your printer or just focus on cleaning the print head that will the right choice when you want to make this issue disappear. 

Not making castles in air, but this is the right advice against this issue. Your printer will surely start to perform nicely again. But if the solution doesn’t sound right to you, you can talk to the well trained professionals at Canon Printer HelpNumber United  Kingdom. They will help you out with the best solution in the market. 


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