How Can I Troubleshoot My HP Wireless Printer Connection Issues?

We have all become addicted of mobile phones. Mobile phones has made are life more flexible. Earlier when we had landlines we are bound to talk to people sitting at one place but mobiles has removed this limitation. In the similar manner, if you are using a wired printer then you need to take printouts sitting at one place that is not the case with wireless printers. This is the reason that maximum of printer user prefer to go with wireless printer. Among all printer brands HP has definitely earned more points in case of Wireless printers as it offers more flexibility to users.

The only problem that user encounter with HP wireless printers is of connectivity. If your printer loses connection with the router or computer then it won’t be able to process your print command. In short, a lot can go wrong with your router configuration, network connection or Wi-Fi strength that can further cause printing issues. These issues can be resolved with the help of tips offered by experts of Online HP Printer Customer Care UK 0808-238-7544 (Toll Free Number). These tips can help you fix this problem in an easy manner.

Restart Your Device

This is the most simple and most effective way to resolve any issue with the printer. Even if you call any IT experts, he will first ask you to restart your device. Why don’t you restart your router? If that resolves the issue then ok, other try restarting printer and computer as well. Restarting is suggested as it gives code execution within the router and it may even kill those programs that are leaking the memory of your browser. So, restarting is always the first step to deal with any printer issue.

Test Connection

If restarting doesn’t work for you then you need to test your printer connection with the router. Basically, this can be done by taking a printout of wireless network test report. For this, you just need to press the wireless button. Once the test report comes out, look for the following things:

·         Most HP Printers has an area known as labeled connectivity. There, if you could see the work “PASS” then it means that there is connection between your printer and router. But if it’s not there then it’s vice versa. In this situation, you will have to check your router configuration and attempt to connect the printer again.
·         In current configuration, you need to check your wireless network name in SSID column. If it’s not there, then manually set up network connection up and running.
·         Do not forget to check for error message or code as they can clearly explain the cause of issue.

All in all, we can say that this wireless network test report will give you enough information that is required to deal with the issue. You can also use HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to check if your security software if recently updated or if your printer has a stable network connection.
VPNs and IP Address Issue

Although, VPNs are basically to ensure high-quality remote connection but still they are not always great with wireless printers. You can try to disable the active VPN to print wirelessly.
Dynamic IP address can change at any point of time, it can halt the communication between it and the device on network. Windows users can use Update IP Address utility to fix this issue and in case that is not available then try using HP Print and Scan Doctor. In case, you are a Mac user then this issue by deleting and re-adding the printer using System Preference.

However, in case none of the above solution could prove fruitful for you then you are left with only one option, which is to connect with printer professionals by making a call at HP Printer Help desk Number UK. They will suggest you the best possible solution for this concerned issue. Whatever, the cause of connectivity issue, they will diagnose the issue and serve you with best possible issue with it. 

Source :-  How Can I Troubleshoot My HP Wireless Printer Connection Issues?


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