How to Cancel Adobe Creative Cloud Membership (Subscription)?

Adobe has created different application for different users. It has vast range of products like Adobe Reader or Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash player and many more. We all love these Adobe products and that is the reason we purchase them but at times user feel like cancelling their Adobe subscription in the middle. Maybe because they no longer user them or they found a better software as compared to it. There are three different payment options in case of subscription:
  •  Annual plan, paid monthly
  •   Annual plan, paid yearly
  • Monthly plan (this is the only plan that allow you to cancel the subscription without incurring any cost)
Most of the users opt for the first plan as in that case they get yearly subscription but they are charged monthly. But do you know that if you want to cancel your Adobe CC membership then you have to pay a penalty for it. Yes this is true, and lot of us are unaware about this fact as we don’t read terms and conditions at the time of subscription. If you have bought an annual subscription where you need to pay monthly then you have committed yourself to annual plan only. If you want to drop your membership then you need to pay a certain amount for it. To understand the complete subscription plan and refund policy, please do consult our technical team of Adobe on Adobe Help Desk in UK. Additionally, it is suggested that you must read term and conditions before buying its subscriptions. This can prevent you from getting into trap of Adobe policies. Don’t get caught like many others do. If you want a month-to-month subscription then go for the third option, first option is an annual contract.

Basically people want to go for annual subscription as Adobe give big discount in that case, but then you are not allowed to leave in between. Unless you are very sure that you need this software at least for one year, then please do not go for annual subscription. Now let us come to the point, how to cancel Adobe subscription. If you have bought this product from directly from Adobe then follow the onscreen instructions to unsubscribe:
  •  Sign in to your Adobe ID account using your Adobe credential (email and password).
  •  Then under Plan & Products. Click on Manage Plan to unsubscribe your plan.
  •  Now do one of the following:
  • Under Plan Details, click Cancel Plan.
  • In case, Cancel Plan is not visible then contact us on Adobe Customer Care Number UK.
  •  If you have click on Cancel Plan, then you will be asked to mention the reason why you want to cancel and then click Continue.
  •  On the next screen, choose from “keep the plan”, “continue with cancellation” or “chat with customer support”.
If you have opted for continue with cancellation then you will receive a confirmation email about it. Although, if you have purchased it from a reseller (Amazon, Flipkart, iTunes etc.) or purchased a team subscription, then you need to contact us for cancellation request as the instructions for that is different and little complex .


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