How To Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Print Issues?

Lexmark is definitely a good printer brand but still like other printers you might face printing issues with it. For different issues, one needs to follow different troubleshooting steps. We are here merging some common issues that you might face with their printing device. In case, you are facing any other problem then you can dial us at Lexmark Printer Support in UK .
1.  Check the following when the document doesn’t print

  • There should be no tape or sticker on the bottom of the cartridge.
  •   The cartridges should be correctly installed.
  •   Load the paper in a correct manner.
  •   Don’t use damaged USB cables.
 2.  When documents are printed slowly
  • Close the programs that you are not using.
  • Try reducing the print quality.
  • You can increase the RAM of your computer for the same.
 3.       Misfeed paper
  • Use paper that is recommended for your printer.
  • Never force the paper into the printing device.
  •  Do not exceed the paper feed limit.
  • In your printer settings, select paper type and size.
 4.       Follow the instructions to remove the Paper Jam
  •  Turn on your Lexmark printer.
  • Open the control panel and pull the paper slowly from the machine.
  •  If you are facing an issue in removing paper then open the cartridge access door and then pull the paper out. Then close the cartridge access door and also close the control panel.
  •  Turn on your printer and then try printing again.

5.   Print Quality Issues: There are different print quality issues which user might face, some of them are mentioned here:
  •   Printouts are either too light or too dark: Open printer control panel and press lighter/darker. Simply press the right arrow to darken the document or the left arrow to lighten it. Lastly, when the asterisk (*) goes on the satisfactory position, click on Select.
  •  Documents have alternate bands: When your document has light or dark alternate banding then you needs to select highest quality print. Open your document and click on File and select print.  From the print dialog box, click Properties and select the best quality tab.
  • Vertical or straight lines are not smooth: To improve the print quality of vertical and straight lines test your cartridge alignment. If that doesn’t help then clean the print head nozzles.
  • Colors are Faded:  In this case, check the ink level graphics on the cartridge tab of Lexmark solution center or try using a different color setting. This problem can take place because of stickler or tape on the bottom of the cartridge or because of clogged print heads. You need to take immediate action to resolve the issue.
In case, you are having any issue other than those who are mentioned above or you need any help in performing the solutions given here then please give us a call at LexmarkTechnical Help Number UK. We will do all possible things required to make your printer work in a proper manner.


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