What is the best way to fix Canon Ink Error 1686 and 1688?

This is a known fact that Canon Printer too brings technical errors in the form of messages or codes sometimes. It also displays errors in the form of warnings, in which Low ink warnings are the most common one. The Canon Check Ink 1686 and Check Ink 1688 are actually low ink warnings that are depicted in most Canon inkjet printers that acquire the PG-540, PG-540XL, CL-541 and CL-541XL like ink cartridges. These error codes occur only to show the error states saying “The ink may have run out” or “The ink has run out”. If you any query other than this, just connect to the tech representatives at Technical Support For Canon Printers anytime.

And you know what, whenever you see that the ink has run out, your printer actually stop printing anything. This is also true that the machine predicts that the ink cartridge is empty and is not able to print anything without intervention. Therefore, you need some technical support to correct this type of situation. And for the above issue, you must know the reason why you are getting such error message. 

When you have installed a newest cartridge or have just refilled it, the occurring of this error are most common. As you can’t look into the cartridge and the machine just count on it by monitoring the number of pages it has printed or the average page printing. After estimating the ink level in the cartridge, it shows up whether the cartridge is low or empty and need to be refilled. For which, this kind of error code is presented to the user.

Can you resolve such error code? Obviously yes, you just need to hold down your printers STOP, RESET or RESUME button for five seconds and then release it. Whether the name of the key can change but the symbol that has been represented will always remain the same. When you hold down any of the button for five seconds, it indicates to your machine that you know about the position of ink in the cartridge. And by this action, you would like to continue printing even when you know the exact status of the ink. Although the ink level is still read as low, but you can continue printing with the cartridge until the ink actually runs out of the print quality deteriorates. 

Some user thinks that, by this action, there are chances that their printer gets damaged. Although, when you use the physically emptied cartridge, the print head burned out, but when you keep an eye on the print quality, the risk of damage is almost zero. In case, the print head burn out, you have to replace the cartridge so that no damage can affect your printer more. In case, you are not able to resolve the problem still, just connect the tech representatives at Canon Printer Helpline for the UK and get instant solutions for the same.

Source :- http://contact-help-number.co.uk/blog/how-do-i-fix-canon-printer-check-ink-error-1686-and-1688.php


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