Common Print Quality Issues With Epson Printer

When we invest our hard earned money on any printer we expect it to perform its duty well. Most of us opt for Epson printer only because of this as they are known for providing us best quality printouts. But at times some technical issues can affect the functioning of it which will hamper the print quality . We are here going to discuss some most common Epson Printer print quality problems with their solutions.

1. Incorrect/Missing Colors: This can happen for different reasons, you can try the following measures to fix this problem:

•   Adjust your printer color settings through your Printer software and make sure it is set on Color. To get proper instructions then Dial Epson Printer Contact Helpline In UK.

•   Change the Advanced color settings of your printer’s software.

•   Don’t use ink cartridge after the expiration date.

•   If you haven’t used your printer for a long time then also you should replace the cartridge.

•   Run print head cleaning utility on a regular basis. A blocked print head can be a reason of incorrect colors.

2. Vertical Misalignment or Banding on the Printout: If you experience this on your printed page then perform the given solutions one by one:

•    You should make sure that you have placed the printable side facing up in the paper feeder.

•    Run print head alignment utility to rectify this issue.

•    Open Advanced dialog box and uncheck the High-Speed check box.

•    Running head cleaning utility can also resolve the issue as this helps in cleaning a clogged ink nozzle.

•    The media type settings should also match the media type you are using.

3.  Horizontal Banding on the Output: Try one or all of the following methods to fix this problem:

•    Printable side of the paper should face up.

•    Run head cleaning utility and print head alignment utility. If you want you can take help for the same from professional printer technician by contacting them at Epson Printer Support IN UK.

•    Change the Mode setting of your printer’s software from its main menu to Automatic. This will clear all customized setting.

•    Check if any of the cartridges is low or empty and if it is, then replace that particular cartridge.

•    You should not select Maximum as the Printable settings area as that causes banding on the expanded area.

•    Media type you are using should match with media type settings.

4.  Blurry or Smeared Printout: For so many different reasons you can get blurry or smeared printouts. You can fix this problem by following the instructions given here: 

•    Ensure that you are using a correct printer driver.

•    Use genuine Epson paper for printing.

•    Your printer should be placed on a plain, flat surface otherwise you will face a problem in printing or with printouts.

•    Run Head cleaning utility as well as Print head alignment utility.

•    Load and eject dry paper a few times.

•    Clear all customized settings by selecting Automatic mode.

•    Remove each sheet from the output tray as it is printed.

•    Make sure that the paper is not curled or folded from the edges.

•    Don’t use damages, dirty or too old paper for printing.

•    See to it that the paper is dry and the printable side is facing up.

•    If you are printing on a glossy sheet that let it get dry before you touch its surface after printing.

•    While printing on a glossy sheet, load one sheet at a time.

See one problem has so many reasons and as per the reason it has multiple solutions. Normal users are not able to identify the exact cause of the issue thus they are unable to fix the problem. You can take help for any issue from our customer care executives anytime.



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