What To Do if Error Code 6000 Occurs in The Canon Printer?

The position of a well-formatted printer has become an integral part of every small or big establishment. It is not something which has got a special attachment to one thing. As and when the need arises, so is the work is being carried out. In the field of the printer, Canon Printer has not just inked but carved their name after a lot of hard work.

One can figure out many brands of printers in the market that do promise of a quality work. In the end, one should not have any doubt about the performance being displayed through canon Printer. There is nothing which becomes the reason for holding the printer’s performance. Even then if some odd technical error does arise, the user should not worry at all.

One can reach out to the professionals through Call us Canon Printer Support In UK and communicate with the experts in a detailed manner. The concerned user will not have any difficulty in understanding the concepts because the explanations are being provided in a very detailed manner. 


Let’s know the meaning of Error 6000 – 

Whenever the Error 6000 is displayed, the user should first of all have a good knowledge and understanding of the difficulties. It actually defines that a troubleshooting is being seen in the Line Feed (LF). It is one of the technical terms and has basically three reasons which triggers problems of this nature – 

•  The Line Feed is either rubbed off in a harsh manner or a damage has occurred. 

•  One has found small particles; foreign substance has due to some mistake or error got stuck inside the Line Feed (LF). 

•  Line Feed has been snapped off or the sensor unit has become bad. 

Understand in a simple way of receiving an answer for Error 6000 – 

There can be any difficulty arising inside the printer like Canon Printer. One can always figure out a perfected type of solution for the issue being raised. So, based on it the user can receive different types of solutions which become the reason for the birth of Error Code 6000 – 

A)    If there is a scratch or any other erratic brushing with the Line Feed, then just remove dirt from the Line Feed with the aid of non-corrosive solution. it will not only remove foreign obstacles but will also not cause any damage to the internal components of canon printer. 

B)    If there is an object that has got stuck inside the Canon Printer like – debris, the foreign substance inside the Line Feed Drive. Concerned person should immediately remove the object or particle causing problems or difficulty in the proceedings of the printer.

Well, even after the repeated form of not just inspections, a user does see that Error – 6000 keeps flashing and which in turn stops the seamless performance of the printer. Well, if all things do not derive acceptable results, then re-setting of the printer might do the trick and put things back in order. 

1)    The user is guided to immediately unplug the printer from the outlet projecting out of the printer and then after a few seconds or time pause effect will be initiated. 

2)    Now, the user can plug the Power Chord back inside the switch of the printer. At this moment press and keep pressing the “Power Button” for some time and then press the” Stop” button twice in a continuous manner. This procedure is likely to reduce the recurring form of printer error in the printer. 

3)    if there is any defective or a non-functional printer part, then replace the haphazard form of a component immediately. The defective components will include one or more from these sections – Lines Feed, Lines Feed Timing Sensor Unit, Paper Feed Roller Unit, Logic board and Paper Feed Motor. 

If there is a difficulty in the execution of repair or correction work, then the user should adopt the manual procedure. In this way, correct removal and later on the installation of the new component will be initiated. 

The user should not be worried about anything because the user will not have any difficulty in receiving the precise knowledge. A user can seek the assistance of the professionals of canon Printer through Canon Help desk Number and receive solutions round the clock. It will be of no use in trying to figure out the solution from another place. As they will not be of much value and there is no point in grabbing knowledge from such a source.


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