The Types of HP Printer and Their Usage

When you go into the market to buy an appropriate HP Printer for you, you land up into more confusion as the salesman come up with so many different varieties of printers. Basically, there are two types of printer Impact Printer and Non-Impact printer. Impact printers then further have so many different printers in it like line printer, drum printer, daisy wheel printer etc but the most famous impact printer is Dot-matrix printer. But people rarely prefer to go for impact printers at the present time. On the other hand, non-impact printers include inkjet printer and laser printer. Both these printer are in great demand these days.

If you want a detailed guide about all HP Printer then the right choice would be connecting to HP executives on HP Printer Helpline Number UK. Today we are only going to discuss two types of printers i.e. laser and inkjet. We are hoping that after reading this blog, you will be able to make a choice between these two.

HP Inkjet Printers

You can find the endless variety of Inkjet printers. If you are looking for a cheap printer then also you can find many and you can even find a wide variety of expensive colored inkjet printers. This type of printer prints on the paper by spraying droplets of liquid ink on paper. You can easily replace the cartridge no matter how many slots are there. These printers are quick and take less warm-up time. And if you want color prints then you can go for a photo-specific inkjet printer to get extraordinary prints. The inkjet printer prints at the resolution of 300 DPI. But the user needs to replace the ink cartridge very frequently. The ink can be expensive. Not only this, as the ink is water based, it can get fade away easily.

 Laser Printer

HP Laser Printer uses the laser beam to produce an image on printer drum which then electrically attract powder toner to create an image on the paper. You can use these printers to create pitch-perfect black and white prints, especially text print. The resolution of these printers is far better than inkjet printer as they are ranging from 1200 DPI to 2400 DPI depending on the HP model you are using.
A laser printer is better for black and white prints whereas it is suggested that if you want colored printout or photo printing then you must go for inkjet printers. If you are still confused about these printers then you can consult our printer technicians on HP Printer Help desk Number UK. You can even ask for assistance to choose between different HP printer models.


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