What is Error 6 C 10 Inside Canon Printer and Ways To Correct it?

Well, the user looking for a quality-based printer should not look beyond Canon Printer. it is a brand of the printer which has created its mark after continuous efforts being put into action. This involves research and developments; comparative charts being prepared by the professionals. Having said this, the user should also be educated in terms of different types of technical errors which do rise while the user is doing a work. For this, a quality form of support is also needed. 

As there are different types or categories of errors which just pops-up and causes problems for the users. The suggestions drawn from Canon Printer Technical Helpline UK is the source which acts like the best way to make the user understand everything about Error 6C10. One such error which needs to be knocked out or taken care of is Error 6C10 Canon Printer. According to the inspection being carried out by the experts this flaw was seen in different models of the Canon Printer. It includes - MP110, MP550, MP560, MP540, MP600, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP970, MP980, MP620, MP640, IP3600, MP990, MG5200, MG5300, MG6100, MG6200, MG8100, MG8200.

For the knowledge of the user, this technical error is named as CAM Sensor Error. The reason why this form of troubleshooting error arises, when the user presses the button ON and green light gets flashed on. With some time passing by, the user realizes that both the button ie – resume button and ON button keeps flashing at regular intervals. Most of the experts have termed it as “Reset Canon Printer Ink Absorbed” Error and a “Value Cam Sensor” Error. Majority of the users of Canon Printer are unaware of the technical errors, so it would be wrong to expect that corrective measures will be taken. This is where an advanced form of knowledge from the expert’s side is needed. A user will also learn that cause of the error could be due to Paper Debris and the professionals have many smarter ways to rectify the problem. 
The Canon printer which was bought has had relatively little use and primarily serves to print CD/DVDs.

There is also a foam strip running almost the full width inside the printer and seems like the majority of it is clean. Non-tech user finds it difficult to recognize that’s the “ink absorbed” hence, one needs an expert’s guidance to locate it. There is a button-push sequence designed to place the iP4600 into service mode as well where you can reset the ink absorbed but so far this has been done nothing. 

According to the experts, there are certain methodologies which need to be followed and then Error 6C10 will be taken care of – 

Solution – 1

Step – 1 The user needs to alter the original position of Print Head to center. 

Step – 2 The user needs to disconnect the printer and then look for – Purge unit or any bits of paper being stuck.

Solution – 2

Step – 1 Printer should be on a reset mode. 

Step – 2 Now the power should be ON. 

Step – 3 Holding of the “Resume Button” for some time is necessary.

Solution – 3 

Step – 1 At this, stage the printer should be switched OFF. 

Step – 2 The concerned person needs to open the door. 

Step – 3 Now, the power should be ON. 

Step – 4 : The moment ink cartridge is in the center, the user needs to shut down the door. 

Solution – 4

Step – 1 : The user needs to open the lid and permit the Ink Cartridge to position itself in the center.

Step – 2 : On the right side, the user will be able to see a row of white rollers behind the carrier.

Step – 3 At the end of the rollers there is small, a piece of plastic the comes out. Well, the user needs to grab a clean towel and correctly wipe off the ink, which is around the plastic. Then one needs to move towards the ink-pad.

Step – 4 : Near the plastic, there is a small square which is about ½ inch per side that is a small foam pad. It is here where the excessive ink does get collected.

Step – 5 : Take a small piece of towel and press into the foam. Repeat this process until no ink comes on the paper towel. Now, just put the lid back on and switch on the printer.

If the user is not able to understand the procedures as narrated above then the user should immediately refer professionals through Canon Printer Support For UK. The experts will make sure that much more-simpler method will be narrated to the user.


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