What To Do if User is Troubled Through Epson Printer Error Code E-01?

The mark of Epson printer is nothing less than an apotheosis and it is said like this because each engineer, designer, and other experts have contributed to its success or growth. If there is a mistake or problem of any nature than the user will have to bear it. 

It is not something which has just been visible overnight. The attaining of success is one thing and retaining it is another. Epson Printer Customer Service at this point in time means that user will not have to worry about the troubleshooting elements. 

Talking on this one of the Error Code E-01 that displays problem and do not allow to conduct “Self-Test”. It means that during the time power of the Epson Printer is turned down and the printer is unable to examine then corrective steps are needed to be followed. 

Now, let’s know about ways to fix Epson Printer Error Code E-01 – 

Step – 1 Turning Off the Printer:

The user over here needs to for a minimum period of 5 minutes has to unplug the printer. Well, after this printer is switched on again.

Step – 2 Transportation Locking Procedure:

Well, according to the Epson Printer Technical Support suggestive manual as provided by the experts of Epson Printer, if the CD Tray is in the eject position. The user at all time is supposed to correctly monitor that CD tray button is pressed rightly. It means that retracting of the CD Tray in its original position does take place. 

Step – 3 Working with the Epson Printer

Turning off the printer in a right way is needed, plus the paper jamming issue should not cause any serious problem. 

Step – 4 Working with the CISS

According to the narrative suggestion of the Epson Printer, the user sees a printer pre-installed with the CISS, the user needs to inspect in a right way that movement of the Printer Cartridge on both the directions right and left is not obstructed. 

Step – 5 Dealing with the Scanner

The user has to be confident of the fact that upper scanner of the printer is closed in a way that has been suggested by the experts. No other object or material should be used for carrying out the shutting of the scanner. 

Step – 6 Initialization Process

The Initialising procedure will be easily initiated on the “Start-Up”. This category is to inspect the entire unit’s functionality before it finishes minus the error. 

Step – 7 Installation of the Original Epson Ink Cartridge 

if the user of Epson Printer is carrying out the work through CISS procedure then ink tubes might be the reason for the carriage to move sideways i.e. from left to right. So, it is being suggested that the users install the original form of Epsom Ink Cartridge and initiate the work of the printer. 

Step – 8 Working with the Cartridge Loading Area 

The professional of Epson Printer also does suggest that careful examination of the Cartridge loading area during the turning Off the Printer. In the meanwhile, alter the position of the Carriage away from the stops in a right manner. Over here according to the professionals the movement of Cartridge is only limited to an inch. 

Step – 9 Sensors

The tutorial being received through the professionals of Epson Printer paper way that is having monitory devices being mounted on the opposite to the size of adjustment slide on the Paper Tray. 
If there is more than the user wishes to get to know, is by seeking professionals through Epson Printer Support and then issues will be answered. The concerned people have the knowledge and on top of this best in class form of solutions in reference to rising of technical issues inside the Epson Printer.


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