Correct Way to Fix Canon Mp230 Printer Error Code 1300

A Canon Printer machine can display error code only if it is facing any complication with the machine. Particular error codes are related to the particular problem, thus it becomes easy for a user or a technician to identify what is the issue with your machine. Different Canon Printer machine can come up with different error codes. To understand the reason for error codes you can go through your printer manual. If even after understanding the reason behind the error code you cannot rectify it, then you can access Canon Printer Support on our Canon Printer Toll Free Helpline Number UK. Here our technicians will help you fix your printer related issue.

Canon Mp230 Printer comes up with error code 1300 several times. This error code indicated that there is a paper jam in the paper output slot or the rear tray of your machine. A paper jam can be really frustrating. Even a small single mistake or carelessness in using printer and paper can cause the paper jam. Sometimes, the user is easily able to clear the jam from the machine, while at other times; the jam is so stubborn that you need expert guidance to get them resolved.

To resolve this error code you need to kill the machine to remove the stuck paper in the middle of printing. For this press the stop/reset button to scratch off print employment before killing the machine. You can follow the given steps to remove paper jam and clear this error.

·         Pull the paper out gently from the back plate of the machine. You can also try to pull the paper from paper yield space. Try not to tear the paper in the middle.
·         Now reload the paper and press Stop/Reset button on the machine.
·         If you cannot expel the paper or the paper bits from the machine then you must call our administrators on Canon Printer Help Number UK.

If the paper jam is inside the machine, then the steps are different. Follow the instructions given here:

·         Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord.
·         Then open the checking unit or printer cover. Do it carefully without harming the machine.
·         If the jammed paper is under the FINE cartridge holder then move the Fine cartridge in a direction which is less damaging.
·         Hold the stock paper with your hands to take it out.
·         Don’t tear the paper while taking it out.
·         Make sure that all the stuck papers are out. Check for smaller bits of papers as well.
·         Once you have cleared out the jam, close the printer cover.

Now turn on your printer and try printing. Most probably the error must be cleared and you will be able to print smoothly. If not, then call our administrators on our helpline number. We will provide you with all sorts of help that is required to deal with error code 1300.


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