What Can Be Done if HP Printer Won’t Print In Color?

HP Printers are known to deliver quality printouts, scanned copies and Xerox. If due to any reason you think that your HP Printer is not printing any colored printout then do not panic. Sometimes, the reason is low or empty print cartridge only. However, there can be other possibilities as well. We are going to talk about them in detail in this blog.

Let us start with the examination of ink cartridge:

•  Open the front cover of your printer to remove the colored printer cartridge.

•  Now insert a new colored ink cartridge and try printing again. If you can print successfully then it means that the colored ink cartridge was low or empty or maybe your previous cartridge was faulty.

•  But if the cartridge is new and perfect then remove the cartridge from the printer and check for its expiration date. An expired old ink may have dried up so you might not be able to print.

•  Purchase a new cartridge if your colored ink cartridge is expired.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, then it can be a print head issue. You can handle the print head problem by following the suggestion given here:

•  You need to run the print head utility.

•  Press and hold the power button and with the power button pressed down, press the “resume” button six times continuously.

•  Now leave the power button and your printer will mildly clean the print head.

•  If you still get print quality or color issue then again press and hold the power button.

•  Press the resume button only five times now for moderate cleaning.

Try printing the document again and if the problem persists then call an expert over HP Printer Help Number UK to ask them the process of deep cleaning. But if this is not a case of print head, then maybe the printer settings are incorrect. Make sure that the printer color option is turned on and for that follow the given instructions:

•  From system’s Start menu, go to Settings.

•  Then click Printers from the Settings menu and right-click your printer to select Properties.

•  Click on “Printing Preferences” and select “Paper Quality” tab.

•  Now click on “Color” and hit Ok.

Now try printing once again, if you still can’t print in color then you have to call an expert. Authentic support is available at HP Printer Contact Number UK 24/7, and surely you will find a solution for your problem here.


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